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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zooey Deschanel give us some acting tips!


Hi guys, like, hello creatures of our planet it's me Zooey Deschanel (insert head toss and head tilt). I'm like here to give all you aspiring cool cats out there some acting tips.

1). Always look like you are stunned or really concerned
about someone’s well being. This can be accomplished by
widening your eyes and puckering your lips.

2). Make weird noises (even if it’s not in the script).

3). Ask wardrobe if you can wear your skirt over your pants.
And ask for a pair of glasses.

4). If at all possible, have your co-star be Joseph Gordon-

5). Say words like opaque, glue and gnarley (even if they're
not in the script).

And when you go to award shows (for all the awards you are
going to no doubt win because you'll be following my
tips) wear the ugliest thing you can find. People will love
you for it and you will start a trend.

And my final point is don’t ever, under any circumstance show real
emotion. If you feel a real emotion coming on like anger, sadness or happiness, say something quirky and smile real big.

And don’t forget to check out my band, cause I have a band, and we ROCK!!!!

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