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Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping Up With An Athlete!

In 1976 Bruce Jenner won a gold medal for Decathlon at the Summer Olympic games in Montreal, Canada. The Decathlon is a track and field event held over the course of two days, and consists of competing in ten events: 100 meters, 110 meter hurdles, Shot Put, Discus, High Jump,Pole Vault, 400 meters, Javelin and 1500 meters. A huge accomplishment!

However, if you ask most people today how they know Bruce Jenner, they respond by saying "isn't that the guy from Keeping Up with the Kardashians", a reality show that documents the lives of the Kardashian clan. The show mostly follows the three older sisters: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney as they venture through their lives stopping every five minutes for a temper tantrum or to talk about their vaginas. The level of selfishness represented by these woman/girls is outstanding.

One episode shows Kim melting down because she does not want to shoot the cover for her perfume campaign due to heartbreak over Reggie Bush. Oh the drama, I am feeling so bad for you Kim, you have to stand in front of a camera for a few hours and make millions of dollars. Or, the episode when Khloe refuses to try on her mother's wedding dress before her quick to the alter wedding with Basketball super star Lamar Odom, resulting in tears from her mother and a very awkward moment to watch. Or maybe when these woman/girls fight, hit, bite, swear, moan and complain constantly when dealing with the "problems" in their lives. I think that the only person who has half a brain is Bruce, and he is the one that is treated like shit, even by his own wife.

As I am enjoying the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver Canada (go Canada), I am in awe of the dedication, passion and commitment in being an Olympic Athlete. To honor your country and have pride in your accomplishment as the world watches, is something that few people will ever get to experience. Which is why I feel so awful for Bruce and the way that he is treated on this show. Worse yet most people in their twenties know Bruce from this awful reality show instead of as an Olympic Athlete.

These girls got lucky, yes, they have had a rough times: dealing with their father's death due to cancer. But it was Bruce who supported them all during that time. He promised Robert Kardashian that he would support and love his family which he has done with honor. He has stood by those girls through marriages, pregnancies, DUI's and much more, I'm sure.

So in conclusion when Kim, Khloe or Kourtney can run to Starbucks without needing to stop for a pancake breakfast, then maybe I will reconsider my thoughts but until then girls respect your step-father. He has done more with his life than you ever will!

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