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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Real Housewives of Social Delusion

Bravo, I love you. I love "Top Chef", I love "Project Runway", I even like "Launch My Line", but can we have a serious discussion about the Housewives. I watch all four of the shows, I have become addicted (mom, I'm sorry). I am a viewer that gives your station weekly ratings and I can own that , but I am not proud of it. I am currently watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and I have some thoughts.

This is what I know: there is only one woman on the show who has a job. All of the other woman don't work mostly because there husbands won't let them. Some have children which they care for (sort of). They socialize and have dinner parties. Their husbands and boyfriends tell them what to do , how to feel and who to be friends with. Have you guys been steeling writers from Mad Men?

Is it to much to ask that these woman contribute to society in a positive way? If you decide to stay home with your children that is fantastic but DO stuff with them. Don't have three nannies. Don't go to dinner parties, get plastered and wonder why your teenage daughters don't respect or listen to you. If you are a working woman, don't alienate everyone around you so much that they hate you. Share your wealth, do some charity work, give back to your community.

Bravo, here is an idea for a show. Five kind smart single moms struggling to take care of their children by working their ass's off. I understand that being a housewife is hard and I just don't know.... But I know this much, you are all crappy crappy people and your fifteen minutes are soon up, especially when your faces started melting.


  1. "especially when your faces started melting." Nice.

    I don't understand why people think "drama" is the only thing to get ratings on shows like this. Don't they know how much people love the positivity on shows like "Extreme Home Makeover"? So wouldn't a show about awesome moms doing awesome things with their kids and succeeding do really well? Also VH1 has now paid two murderers to be on their channel.

  2. Drunken plastic surgery = ratings = reality television = Jersey shore.....I don't even know what I'm trying to say. Maybe that's how confused The Real Housewives of Orange County make me but I sure do love their cooky shenanigans!