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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dentist Dialogue

Int. A dentist office. Mary is getting her teeth cleaned.

Dr. Freako (it's German)
Well, Mary, let's see what we're working with here.

Inspects her mouth.

Dr. Freako
Looks good, looks real good. So how is your day going? Nice weather we're having don't ya think?

Mary unable to talk, says nothing.

Dr. Freako
Hello, anyone there? Rude, much!!

Mary tries to move her mouth to answer him.

Dr. Freako
Please stop moving, I am doing a very delicate procedure right now.

Mary rolls her eyes.

Dr. Freako
Don't roll your eyes at me honey. I'm trying to help you. Now are you brushing?

Mary nods her head.

Dr. Freako
Wow I thought I'd seen it all, but this!!!! Can you not answer me please. Hello!!!

Mary tries to talk, but really can't.

Dr. Freako
Stop moving!!!


Dr. Freako
What was that? I can't here you. Articulate.

Mary tries to talk again.

Dr. Freako
What? Stop moving your mouth. I can't understand you!!!

Mary pushes him off, takes the shit out of her mouth.

You are such a freak!!! I can't talk to you if you're working on my mouth!!! I thought you got that!!! You're supposed to be a dentist!!! Ugghh! Going to the dentist sucks as it is, I shouldn't have to engage in small talk with a lunatic as well.

Mary picks up the mouth water hose thing and starts spraying him.

Dr. Freako
Stop!  Put that down!

Mary starts throwing candy and prizes from the treat box at him.

Ughjjjjjjjjjjghgggh!!! I'm leaving!

Dr. Freako is alone. T

Did you try and make the patient talk to you again?

Dr. Freako


he intercom beeps, it's his assistant.

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