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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Int. A bar.

It’s happy hour and  it's “Sandy from Work’s” birthday.

(to the bartender)
Can I get a Pinot?

Oh, let me get that for you.


Oh thanks, how do you know Sandy?

We went to high school together. She just said that you were all gonna be here tonight, so I thought I would come and hangout. I mean isn't great about all Sandy’s success. Working at NBC and all. I’m still working at the old car wash back in the old neighborhood. I mean, I want to get a better job, it’s not that I don’t. It’s just that with the job market the way it is, and people trying to fight to just maintain the jobs they have it can get really tough out there. But I am definitely looking. I applied for six jobs today. Which is more than yesterday, and I’m really hoping to hear back from someone.

Cool. That’s great. I’m just gonna find my husband.  If I could just……

He kind of blocks her from getting a clear path away.


Oh you’re married, I’m not dating anyone right now. I did go on this date the other day with this woman who was really annoying. She kept eating her spaghetti with a spoon and blowing her nose.  I said: "I am not that desperate, honey." I once dated this girl who, like, actually told me she hated me to my face. I mean I do believe in love, I do. Don’t get me wrong, I really do believe in it and I want to find love it’s just that I’m not sure if my parents really loved me, you know. I mean I want to believe that they did, but my mother was always really distant and was never really great at sharing her feelings. I always wanted her to be more open with me. Like this one time I was in this band festival,I played the flute, an she told me that she was definitely gonna come and see me, and I was looking out into the audience and she was nowhere to be seen. I was looking and looking and I just couldn't find her. I think my issues with women stemmed from that day.

Okay. That’s sad. I’m gonna just head over here.


I’m probably really boring you. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry I just wanted you to be my friend. I have never had many friends. I know that I can be and do whatever I want in life and no one is going to stop me.  I am as strong as Hercules, as smart as Einstein and as handsome as Clooney.

He has tears in his eyes.

Kylie (aggravated)



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