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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Taming a Gosselin!

In the new season of Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin has taken to the dance floor! The TLC reality star is a fan favorite and has managed to stay in the competition despite having some of the lowest scores. Which raises a few questions: why is this woman so famous and why do we care? She is a horrible dancer, a horrible reality star and a horrible mother. Are we really that bored that we have to watch this circus clown embarrass herself every Monday night?

Watching dumb and dumber exploit their children week after week was hard enough. Now we have to watch as Miss Kate gets dragged, whipped and slapped across the dance floor. I think that Dancing With the Stars is a great show, I love watching the dances and seeing people challenge themselves week after week. But this woman doesn't even seem to be trying.
She is actually worse on this show than she was on the TLC crap show. She complains, cries, argues and fights her way through every rehearsal. So Kate don't continue to embarrass yourself, go home and raise your children.

Unfortunately, I think that this is one shrew that cannot be tamed. Despite her made over look, she stills has a furrow in her brow and a harsh look on her face while she is dancing. Does this woman have any joy in her life or is all this just a huge inconvenience for her? I am not saying that living with John bone-head was fun and I am sure that raising eight children is hard, but this is your life you need to find some kind of joy in it.

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