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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Next Week on Teen Mom: The Bristol and Levi Story

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston announced last week that they are engaged. I don't think I 've smelled a publicity stunt this size since Heidi Montage got a new face. Do they really expect us to believe that these two children are in love? Do buxom Bristol and creeping Levi really want to spend the rest of their lives together raising their adorable, but horribly named son Tripp? Gag me with a snow shoe!

I don't think I would really care about this story expect for the fact that back in April Miss Palin decided to make a PSA. The purpose of the video was to show the unglamorous side of raising a child as a single mom under the age of twenty one. However, not four months later she is handing in her dish rag and jumping on the first chance to get back with a person who has publicly humiliated her and professed his new found love for her via text message. Great role model Bristol! Maybe the next PSA you do, you can show girls how to manipulate their baby daddies into getting back together with them by passively aggressively slandering them through the media.

But, Bristol, Levi, who am I to judge. I 'm sure you're going to be great parents, but Levi remember no pistachios for the baby. As an engagement present to you both I have a compiled a list of other names you might want to consider for your future children, because I am sure this brood is just getting started:

1). Nut
2). Alaska
3). Ice- P
4). Sarah Jr.
5). Gun
6). Ooops
7). McCain
8). Bear
9). Blue
10). Condom

Congrats on your engagement and wishing you both a lifetime of fishing, hunting, and pro-creating.

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