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Friday, January 6, 2012


I've been having a lot of weird dreams recently (I' m talking: sex, drugs and rock n' roll), and I always get worried when I do. Dreams, to me, always say something. Good, bad or ugly, but always something. I think that our subconscious let's us experience projections of ourselves that our normal, everyday, conscience brains won't let us process or even touch. I find his phenomenon so unfortunate because the purity and truth of dreams, despite there often times horrific outcomes, would probably really benefit people if they could experience them in a conscience state.

This past week I've been so deep in sleep that I actually feel myself struggling to get out of the dream in order to wake myself up. Does that happen to anyone else? Does that make sense? I'm not sure if it does, but it's what I felt. I was asleep the other night (and I wasn't sleep walking) and I was awoken, because I thought I heard a knock at the door. I got up. Went to the door. Looked through the peep hole. There was no one. Opened the door. There was no one. I crawled back in to bed, my husband was asleep so I guess he didn't hear anything and I tried to go back to sleep. Did I dream that? I swear, I heard a knock at the door. Ugghhhhhh......Cue creepy music.

Dreams are often times so cryptic and weird that I often have to say to myself: who the hell are you? And why are you thinking about these things? But I realize that the sub-conscience is often times so complicated and intricate that it is hard to bring words or understanding to what they mean. I guess it's sometimes good just to be aware of them and let them go, and try not to read to much into them.

Anyway, here's to a better sleep tonight...... I hope. And if I can't sleep, I'll just watch Inception!

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