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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raise a King for Your Queen!

This morning the 2011 Golden Globe nominations were announced and leading the pack with no surprise from me was "The King's Speech" starring Colin Firth as King George the VI. The movie follows the rise of a man into a king as he overcomes a lifelong stutter. Helping the cause is his speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush.

Last night, me and the husb watched The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt. This movie tracked the rise of Queen Victoria who was only eighteen when she took the the thrown. Because of her youth she was constantly trying to decipher between those she could trust and those trying to manipulate her. She then fell in love with Prince Albert and together they were able to reign for more than twenty years together.

Queen Victoria was King George's great grandfather's mother.

Both individuals: a young girl and a man with a stutter. Both appointed to the most powerful positions in England due to a blood line and a few tragic deaths. Both of these individuals did not particularly want to be in the positions of power that they were given but they had no other choice. I have always had respect for the monarchy and coming from a country that was once governed by British rule, I feel I have a greater understanding for the rules and history that one must adhere to when entering this world. But I have to ask the question: what does the monarch really stand for now?

In the progressive world of i-pads and droids, do we really have time for crowns and swords. Could the money that's being spent heating Buchingham Palace be used for something more pressing. King George and Queen Victoria were probably better people because of their appointed positions in life and I'm sure enjoyed the odd crumpet or two while shinning their jewels, but what's interesting about them is that they were flawed. And I guess that is the point of this diatribe: the humanity of any official of power, be it a president or a celebrity makes us understand and ultimately love them. So unleash the perfection, unveil the mask, disrobe the cloak and let's all go out and have a pint and play a few rounds of darts. You can bring your crowns and I promise we won't go to Patty O'Reilly's.

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