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Friday, July 22, 2011

Watchable Weeds!

Weeds is back on Showtime and, after watching the WTF sixth season which made audiences beg the question: are the writers still just smoking weed or did they move on to harder mind altering hallucinogens, my hopes were less than high (see what I did just this there- cause the show is about drug use....high.....never mind). Despite a, dare I say, bad sixth season, I'm happy to report that Weeds has not been overly atrocious. Granted there have only been three episodes.

Last season ended with Nancy getting arrested for killing her ex-husband's boss Pilar. Well she didn't kill Pilar, her son Shane did, but you know she took the wrap and did the time. As we open on the new season, it's three years later and Nancy is getting out of jail and lands in New York. As soon as her stilettoed feet hit the cobble stone ground she gets right back to her old ways. You know, carrying around explosives, acclimating her vocabulary with the newest street slang, getting a quick little happy ending after a meeting with her new drug supplier. You know.

I have to hand it to Jenji Kohan and the writing staff over at Weeds because I 'm always curious to see how the hell they are going to make sense out of the debacles that these characters get themselves into. Despite criticism over the years, the show has some balls, capital B. Similarly to a show like The Wire it isn't constricted to an over bearing narrative which allows them to do things like burn down an entire city in the third season, kill off main characters, or go on a random road trip across the country.

But I have to say that what has really carried the show and has created a loyal fan base (the cast of Weeds was at Comic Con this year, cause you know a pot dealing suburban housewife is kind of like a super hero) is the work of Parker. She brings a needed security to the insanity and her strong comedic performance shines brightly.

I don't know how this season is going to end and honestly I don’t really care. It’s been fun and entertaining ride and after all isn’t that what television is supposed to be. After watching all DVD talk backs for all seasons I have come to understand Weeds and Jenji's writing. The Dramedy has been re-defined and I for one enjoy seeing the lighter side of the drug trade. So, Weeds carry on.

Next week: We discuss how many times David Duchovny can get foliated in an episode of Californication! Showtime: it's not porn..... but it's close.

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